The Saab 9-3 is a compact executive car that was originally developed and manufactured by the Swedish automaker Saab.. The first generation 9-3 (1998-2003) is based on the GM2900 platform changing to the GM Epsilon platform with the introduction of the second-generation car (2003-2012).


Before that I worked a long time as a Project Engineer with lead on several interior project on Saab 9-3, 9-5 and the new 9-5 and also educated me as CAD- 

Idag har NEVS för första gången visat upp sin elbil baserad på Saab 9-3. Det är i samband med ett elektronikevent som började idag i Kina som NEVS visar upp sin 9-3 och 9-3X för första gången. Tidigare har vi fått se renderingar på de två bilarna, både sedanen och SUV:en, men nu kommer officiella fotografering […] Nevs 9-3 och 9-3X, sistnämnda en kombiversion med lite fler plastdetaljer och eventuellt högre markfrigång, påminner väldigt mycket om Saab 9-3. Inte så konstigt med tanke på att just Saab 9-3 grunden till hela konceptet. NEVS måste övertyga dem att ta den mindre 9-3 istället för BAIC-s förlängda “9-5″, och nöja sig med 30 mils räckvidd istället för 40. Ska de sedan ta upp kampen mot mest populära elbilen BYD e6 i Kina bör de matcha deras 61.4 kWh batterier.

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One or two weeks ago somebody asked me, what makes currently a car modern and why could a NEVS 9-3 feel dated. 2018 NEVS 9-3 EV Series. Nevs currently has around 1,000 employees in Trollhättan and around 1,500 employees in China. The first electric cars from Nevs also showed up for the first time at the press conference today and they are being built next summer in China. NEVS 9-3 TURBO PROTOTYPE 1/43. Nevs 9-3 Turbo Prototype at 1 43 scale by DNA Collectibles Created in 2014, this concept Saab 9-3 is a tribute to the Saab 99 Turbo of the 70’s. It took the same Cardinal Red paint, the side white stripes as well as the famous Inca wheels but this time in 19’ inches.

NEVS claims to have preserved the 9-3’s “famous driving experience” by delivering a low centre of gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution. The flexible interior can be configured using a smartphone app to switch between three seating arrangements: private, social, and meeting, as well as change the ambient lighting and adjust the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) presented the Saab 9-3 Electric Vehicle as designed and produced as part of a prototype series in Trollhättan.

Saab 9-3, 2008. 555 000 ₽. 167 413 км, 1.8 MT (122 л.с.); пазар друг снимка SAAB 9-5 interiör i kolfiberläder - SaabBlog  A sneak peek at NEVS 9-3 Interior and dashboard June 6, 2017 Tomorrow in Shanghai will be officially presented two new NEVS concepts – EV vehicles based on Saab 9-3 platform. Some day ago, we saw the real pictures of new NEVS 9-3 Sedan i 9-3x SUV concepts.

Nevs 9-3 interior

Today, NEVS announced that it has officially begun production of the electric 9-3. Previously, NEVS said it will have a range of 186 miles and that it has more than 150,000 preorders.

Nevs 9-3 interior

(Trollhättan), Västra Götaland. Bensin; 2 500 Mil; Manuell; 220 HK. Prisjämförd av AutoUncle. Autouncles Värdering.

Nevs 9-3 interior

NEVS 93 Cockpit 10 x NEVS 9-3 EV. After all these years, Now we have concrete evidence that all those presentations and press releases were not in vain.
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Åldern känns lite mer på insidan men även här "funkar" det. Kan ha att göra med att jag  Mit dem Konzeptauto NEVS 9-3 zeigt der schwedisch-chinesische Hersteller erstmals einen Konceptbilar, Drömbilar, Fordon, Volvo, Bilar, Motorcyklar, Interiör. Lanseringstillfället ser ut som en blinkning åt historiens början: Nevs och man visar också upp konceptbilen InMotion med flexibel interiör.

This has been met with love and hate in the Sea community and today I disc For the 9-3, Saab has let room in the indoor space, let's say it's time, for improvement. An individual car of a small manufacturer is crying out for improvements. Hirsch Performance has meanwhile a range of offers, with which one can upgrade the 9-3 very individually to own taste and purse. So what about customization in the Saab 9-3 interior?
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Jonathan skrev ett nytt inlägg, NEVS are creating new jobs (with Phoenix 1.1), The new NEVS 9-3 is based on the further development of the older SAAB 9-3 

För 100 000 kronor får man en 9-3 ur senaste generationen, det är viktigt eftersom bilen som kom 2002 är en modern bil medan Första interiörbilderna på nya Saab 9-5 Nevs får inte använda sig av varumärket Saab  Klockan 13.25 i dag rullar Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan med bensinmotor ut Nevs huvudägaren Kai Johan Jiang har lovat hustrun till Nevs Modellen har samma interiör och exteriör som när produktionen stannade i april 2011. Företaget Swedfoam tillverkade instrumentpaneler till Saab 9-3 innan gamla lokaler, via bolaget Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB (AIPS).

Företaget Swedfoam tillverkade instrumentpaneler till Saab 9-3 innan gamla lokaler, via bolaget Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB (AIPS).

In addition to this appearance, it was used as a reference vehicle during the 9-3 … NEVS’ 9-3 is essentially the model Saab was building prior to its bankruptcy in 2011, though it no longer features the Saab griffin logo on its hood. It comes fitted with a 220-horsepower The car is a Saab 9-3 Aero modified to be powered by an all-electric, 100 kW (140 hp) motor, which should be good for a range of around 200 km (124 mi) and a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time of 2017-6-7 The NEVS 9-3 electric car sedan and the 9-3X SUV are already known from previously published pictures. What is new for us is the view of the interior. A first impression: the dashboard will continue to be produced in its basic form in Tidaholm; the ability to create … 2021-4-12 · National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) presented the Saab 9-3 Electric Vehicle as designed and produced as part of a prototype series in Trollhättan. The car is a modified Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan where the batteries are placed under the floor, keeping the full interior space as well as the luggage compartment intact.

73 kr. Saabs framtid som NEVS i Kina inte utan frågetecken. Publicerad: Saab 9-3 ePower - elbilen visas i Paris SPION: Första interiörbilderna på Saab 9-4X! Tidaholmsföretaget Swedfoam tillverkade instrumentpaneler till Saab 9-3 men Dåvarande kunden Nevs köpte konkursboet och bildade Automotive Interior  Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB (AIPS) tidigare Swedfoam, Tidaholmsföretaget Swedfoam tillverkade instrumentpaneler till Saab 9-3, men tvingades i instrumentpaneler och andra interiörer till Nevs olika modeller.